Personal Project

Animal Style

The Client

The most difficult client! Myself, with too many inspirations and few limitations identified in a technically heavy, nascent industry!

My Role

Illustration. Graphic Design. Tokenemics strategy. Creating tokens. Making art. Community building. Content creation... all the things. Too many things!


How does an artist and storyteller go about creating a 'web 3 first' content brand?


I knew in the beginning of 2022 that I wanted to get started right away creating digital art and beginning an experiment on the NFT and token scene — So I started putting some of my artwork out on the blockchain to get the party started. I put a lot of consideration into which blockchain I would use, and at the time — landed on Algorand. I wanted to avoid paying high ETH gas fees, and made a bet that Algorand would, over time, increase in marketshare and usage. The jury is still out on that one. During my journey minting Digital and 'Physically backed' NFTs, I managed to set the top-sales record for a single NFT on the Dartroom Platform with SAMO Celebrating Equality — ANML 022!

I intent to continue dropping ANML STYLE NFTs, as my time and focus allows. My life circumstances of being a parent of 3 children, and building and moving into a tiny home while helping launch Behere with my wife ended up stealing my attention away from the project after I had some momentum. We'll see if a genuine resurrection looms. Big thanks to anyone who collected my digital artworks! One way or another, I'm working to raise my artist profile to elevate valuations. I would love the opportunity to work on a team with other creators and developers to unlock new possibilities for creators and communities in the rapidly evolving world of web 3 and beyond.

You can view the whole archive of Anml Style NFT artworks here.

What’s next?