Hey there!

I'm Matthew

I create premium communication design solutions in a variety of mediums. Whether you are looking to update your brand, product, website, or social presence, I can take your brand to the next level.

When I'm not designing, I like to get physical with my Art for New Times.

Design Portfolio

Sol Forms— It's about TIME
Brand Identity + Web + Product Design
Thor Technologies — Building the tools for the future of work
Brand Identity + Web + Marketing + Product Design
Paradise Differed
Digital Publishing + Book Illustrations
Tahoe Training Camps
Brand + Web Design
The Future of Driving with Volvo Cars
UX + Concept Design + Print Design + Graphical Animation Displays
Y God
Book Illustrations
Secret Archive
Illustration + Design + Concepts
Original Art
Fine Art + Prints + Apparel + Accessories

My Experience

I've had a love for storytelling since I was a young kid drawing Batman and Joker with my dad. It turns out the rest of the world likes to tell stories too, and they all benefit from proper design thinking. I am currently directing operations and sales at BlockMint Inc., the safest place to store your retirement in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

Pi Design
Graphic Designer
Oct 2009 — Oct 2010
Gospel Light
Designer + Illustrator
Oct 2010— Aug 2011
MLC / Freelance
Illustration + Design
Sep 2010— Present
Thor Technologies
Chief Design Officer
Jun 2016 — Jul 2017
Volvo Cars
UX Designer
Oct 2013 — Nov 2015