Thor Technologies

Building the Primary Tools for the Future of Work

The Client

In the dramatic and spectucular BOOOOOM of the burgeoning cryptocurrency scene in 2017, I contacted San-Francisco based developer Matt Moravec to inquire about working on a NEO based cryptocurrency project. Within weeks, we were off and running developing a vision for creating a digital identity system for business' and contractors in the gig economy. Within 5 months, we were successful in raising over $2,000,000 in funds through an ICO in March 2018.

My Role

I absolutely love having the opportunity to build a brand from ground zero, and that is exactly what I was able to do with Thor. I worked David Chin, CEO, and Matt Moravec, CTO, to visualize the solution we wanted to create for the gig economy. My role in cofounding the business as design lead was to develop all graphic assets for our Pitch deck, whitepaper, website, blog posts, and social media content. I also worked with Founder and CEO, Nick Alexander at Yoshi, whose needs we built the payments tool for. I also took the lead on providing customer onboarding demo's to our product.


We saw a two sided problem in the Gig Economy. We could see clearly that it was difficult for 1099 'gig workers' to obtain basic benefits, traditionally received by employees, such as health insurance and retirement savings accounts. And on the business' side, we learned from business leaders that paying their fleet of contractors was also a tremendous hassle that occupied at least a day per week of man hours.


The first thing we engineered was one for the history books — We became the first app ever in the Apple App Store to sell products purchased through a cryptocurrency token —Thor Tokens! We sold a few T-shirts, hats, and mugs in exchange for THOR cryptocurrency tokens.

The majority of what we designed and engineered at Thor Technologies was a payment solution for business' that made it easier to pay contractors. It worked great for paying contractors in USD, but ultimately we were unsuccessful in developing a token model to sustain the business. We may have designed and envisioned more than we engineered before David Urchin and Matt Moravec decided to lay off the team and make plans to take the designed and engineered business payment product into a new company that had no obligation to it's cryptocurrency ICO investors, whom the duo were content to leave high, dry, and deceived.

My solution after being laid off and seeing our investors lied to, was to tell the difficult truth in a short series of YouTube videos, and in a community chat room, created by our ICO investors on Telegram (after Moravec and Urchin censored and removed us from the original Thor Telegram channel)

What’s next?